First post of 2018

I am still alive, honest! I’ve just been super busy being a geek. I’m still trying to continue my AWS education but this has been put on hold for some Azure training. I’m slowly becoming quite cloud agnostic and trying to be smart with it.

Switched to Jekyll

As yoy may have noticed I’ve migrated my blog from Ghost to Jekyll. Please do not be alarmed! As I am not able to put significant time into keeping a server running nginx and Ghost up to date with security updates.

UNIX-ing as a Linux Geek

So my background is mostly in GNU/Linux, I’ve ditched Windows long ago and I still dabble with Mac OS X (though an older version). Since February I have been doing a bit of work on IBM AIX systems, particularly with PowerHA (HACMP) clusters. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert but I have found using UNIX almost like speaking a strange dialect or creole. Everything is so similar and yet so very different.