Systemd-resolved, Flushing DNS in Ubuntu 18.04 (and other distributions).

Today I’ve been playing with static DNS on my router, sadly Miktotik doesn’t support “DNS Doctoring” and it doesn’t look like Ubiquiti Networks equipment does either (as of 2018). It’s likely a feature I got spoilt with on a couple of Cisco routers I had access to.

Weekend Deployment, Upskilling

I’ve got a weekend to myself, it’s not uncommon, but this weekend the wife has gone away to watch Foo Fighters. I’m not jealous, I’m not fond of crowds and I don’t like travelling to London (or down South in general). When I win the lottery and can afford to have private gigs for my family then all will be cool.

Git for Non-Developers

I have been thinking about this for quite a while, particularly as I am in the middle of contributing to a project at work to combine our multiple knowledgebases into a single repository of runbooks.